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How has the Geography of the West shaped who we are?

by Trip Learners



Photo- Lake Louise

Reflection: Lake Louise is a delightful place found in Banff National Park, in Alberta. Its surrounded forests and mountains, and has a building for renting out boats near it's shores. The forests are filled with typical Canadian mountain wildlife such as bears, wolves, birds, insects, mountain goats among a few. Standing on it's shores, Lake Louise made me feel happy, calm, and more alive. The air was fresh and clean, and the temperature was cool but mild. In Celsius, the temperature was in the low teens.

Photo - Craigellachie near Eagle Pass in the interior of British Columbia. This is a Photo of the Person who drove in The Last Spike.
Reflection: Craigellachie is a remote location in British Columbia, located several kilometres to the west of the Eagle Pass summit between Sicamous and Revelstoke. The latitude and longitude coordinates are 50°57'59"N, 118°43'04"W. The location is located in the Pacific Daylight Savings time zone. The address is 5100 Trans Canada, Highway 1, Malakwa, B.C., V0E-2J0, Canada. The location also had important historical objects like the train tracks, a train used in 1885, and some original track spikes. This location left me with the feeling of importance becuase it's a very historical place. It gave me a sense of time, being in the past.

Photo - The Columbia Icefields, Parker Ridge Trail, Alberta

Reflection - The Columbia Icefields, Parker Ridge Trail, is located in Alberta off the Icefields Parkway. The Columbia Icefields is a source of water that flows into a number of important rivers in Alberta and British Columbia. These include the Saskatchewan River, the Columbia River, The Fraser River and the Athabasca River. The icefields is important contributor to serveral ecosystems. It's also a tourist attraction and many visit it every year. The Parker Ridge Trail is also tourist attraction visited by people who are interested in Canada's beautiful, natural landscape. This region made me feel inspired as it was memorizing. It was very impressive to see how the glacier has shapped the region over hundreds of thousands of years.