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beebots journey

by Jessie Reilly

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The BeeBots Journey
What is a BeeBot ?
Beebots are these cute little robots for kids. They are colourful, easy to operate. They are perfect for teaching sequencing and estimation. They are also a lot of fun.
How do they work?
The Beebots have 6 buttons.
4 arrows,1 for going forwards,1 for going backward,1 for turning right and the last one is for turning left.
Then there's a button with an X on it which deletes the last pattern.
There's a pause button that puts a break in your pattern.
Lastly, there is a go button that lets the robot repeat your pattern
I found these bee bots to be very fun. They were easy to use and it was exciting getting to control which way the robot went. You learned as you went along as well which was great. It was fun seeing it go one way when you thought you told it to go another way.
story mats
We used story mats to map out a journey for our BeeBots.This helped us with our estimation skills and guiding the robot the correct way. We had to observe our robots when they moved so we could see how many times, we would have to press each button in order to get it to where we wanted it to go.
he raced against another beebot
our bee bot went to the supermarket, school,the florist and even the park
we programmed the beebots to pass each on their journeys
 How BeeBots can be used to teach subject areas 
bee bots can be used in many aspects of school life.
science and maths - it can be used to develop estimation and observation skills as you have to observe your robot to see how far one push of a button takes it and then estimate your journey.
Also using command cards, the kids can create the bee bots journey, and then they will help them visualize what buttons they have to press

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