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Layers of the Atmosphere

by Kingston Poole


Layers of the Atmosphere
That is where the clouds are and where weather happen  and the smallest layer out of all of them and water vapor and carbon dioxide (CO2) As altitude increases temperature decreases mos air and that is were air planes fly and the TROPSPHERE km is 0 km to 20 km did you know that the troposphere is the first layer and has the most gravity and the most air because of all this gravity the gravity pusses the air down. 

Here is some facts about the STRATOSPHERE is that this the layer that have the ozone and do you know why the ozone is important the ozone is a from of oxygen the protect earth from the Sunś rays make them cold.Except in the upper portion (ozone layer),because the ozone absorbs the rays (heat) of the sun and the STRATOSPHERE km is 20 km to 50 km and the stratosphere is the second layer. 
Did you know that the Mesosphere is the the coldest layer of them all and meteors aka shooting stars burn up crazy right and the Mesosphere is the third layer.And has 50 km to 80 km.