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by Rebecca Ni Mhorain


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Science Experiments

Insulating Heat.
Materials needed:
-4 Thermometers
-4 Beakers:
-Warm Water
(Warning! Don't Burn Yourself!)
Materials needed 2:
-Tin Foil:
-Cotton Wool:
-Bubble Wrap:
Steps For The Experiment!
Step 1: Cover each beaker with a different material, leaving one without anything.
Step 2: Fill up each beaker with warm water. Make sure the water temperature in each beaker is the same!
Step 3: Set up a timer for 5 minutes.
Step 4: After the 5 minutes are up, check the temperature of the water again with your thermometers.
Step 5: Take note of the material that kept the water the warmest!
Record your Information!
When your experiment has finished, take note of the end temperatures of each of the beakers.
Also take note of the material that kept the water the warmest. Discuss why you think this material was the best insulator.