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About Me

by Gracelyn Gould


By Gracie Gould
Jake (brother)
Julie (mom)
Zach (dad)
I have a dog and eight chickens!
My dog, Jojo, is a brown Goldendoodle. Jojo is very goofy, for instance, when Jojo knows that she's in trouble, she will "guilty smile".
I have eight different breeds of chickens. Pie (the oldest) is a yellow Buff Orphington. Nakia, Peggy, and Midnight are Black Sex Links. And 'The Golden Girls' (the younger chickens) are mini white Silkies.
I love Marvel and Star Wars (Although I know Marvel more than Star Wars)! My favorite Marvel movie is Venom and my favorite show is Falcon and the Winter Soldier. My favorite Star Wars movie is Revenge of the Sith and my favorite T.V. show is The Mandalorian.
I have been to multiple different theme parks in Florida for a Wishing Star trip! My family has been to; Disney World, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, Lego Land, Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, and Seaworld.
In the future, I want to make comics and/or animation. I enjoy both mediums and want to learn more about how to create comics or how animation works.