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National symbols of Ukraine
Table of Contents :
Page 3 -National Flag
Page 4 -National Coat of Arms
Page 5 -National Anthem
Page 6 -Ukrainian embroidery
Page 8 -Viburnum (guelder-rose, snowball tree)
Page 9 -Bandura
Page 10 -Ukrainian dances
Page 11 -Sunflowers
Page 12 -Ukrainian Folk Songs
Page 13 -Borshch
Page 14 -Activities for primary school pupils
Page 15 -Videos and games
National Flag
The national flag of Ukraine (Ukrainian: Прапор України, romanized: Prapor Ukrayiny) consists of equally sized horizontal bands of blue and yellow.
The blue and yellow bicolour first appeared during the 1848 Spring of Nations in Lemberg, then part of the Austrian Empire. It was adopted as a state flag for the first time in the aftermath of the Russian Revolution by the Ukrainian People's Republic, the West Ukrainian People's Republic and the Ukrainian State. It was also later adopted by Carpatho-Ukraine in March 1939. When Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union, the bicolour was banned and it used the flag of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic which featured a red flag along with the azure bottom with a golden hammer and sickle and a golden-bordered red star on top. During the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the bicolour gradually returned in use before officially being adopted again on 28 January 1992 by the Ukrainian parliament.
Ukraine has celebrated the Day of the National Flag on 23 August since 2004.
National Coat of Arms
Ukrainian embroidery
The symbol of well-being, peace, and fortune. It also means
On the International Vyshyvanka Day, people wear Ukrainian national embroidered shirts that impress with their beauty
and diversity. However, not everybody knows that images and patterns feature rich symbolism. Each stitch, star or flower
has its own meaning. Ukrainians believed that embroidery is a peculiar talisman protecting against everything bad and they
tried to represent happiness, fate, life, and power in the ornaments. Vyshyvanka is more than just an embroidered shirt, is
the unique code of the Ukrainian nation.
The symbol of the sun and earth union as well as utility. It consists of two triangles which represent the
male and female principles. The rhomb with a dot inside means a sown field which equaled to prosperity
and abundance for Ukrainian ancestors.
The symbol of the sun, heaven energy, and eternity.
Herbal motives
Main meanings are purity and prosperity.
Snowball tree
The symbol of love, wealth, beauty, motherhood, and procreation (bush – mother, berries –
Oak branch
This is Perun’s image on men's shirts
The symbol of family happiness.
Poppy flowers
Help ward off the evil eye.
Ukrainian embroidery
The tree of life
The symbol of beauty, youth, soul renewal, immortality, resurrection, and fertility.

The symbol of a happy family life. The heart is usually embroidered on wedding dresses.

The stars protect from evil, diseases, and weakness.

The symbols of the female and male essence, spirit, and matter.

Wavy lines
The symbol of water, rain, time stream, and the evolution of the universe.
The protective amulet from the evil spirits.

The symbol of a hearth and family happiness.

The star with eight rays
The union of female and male principles which gives birth to all.

Сurve dance or the symbol of infinity
The main meanings are life journey, eternity, strength, and vital energy.
Viburnum (guelder-rose, snowball tree)
Read the text and do the task
The guelder-rose, also known as the European cranberry bush or Viburnum opulus, is a popular plant in Ukraine and has
been used as a symbol of the country for many years. The viburnum is a deciduous shrub that is native to Europe, and can
grow up to 4 meters tall.
The plant has large, white flowers that bloom in the spring, followed by bright red berries in the fall. The guelder-rose is
known for its beauty and resilience, as it can survive in harsh climates and is resistant to pests and diseases.
In Ukrainian culture, the viburnum has been associated with love and protection. The plant is often given as a gift to
newlyweds, as it is believed to bring good luck and happiness to the couple. Additionally, the guelder-rose is used in
traditional medicine to treat various ailments, including colds, fever, and headaches.
The guelder-rose has also been used in Ukrainian folklore and literature. In one story, a viburnum tree is said to protect a
young girl from a wicked witch. In another tale, a viburnum bush is the only thing that can cure a prince who has fallen ill.
Overall, the viburnum is an important symbol of Ukraine, representing the country's beauty, resilience, and cultural
heritage. Whether in literature, folklore, or everyday life, the guelder-rose continues to play a significant role in Ukrainian
True/False tasks:
1.The guelder-rose is also known as Viburnum opulus. - True
2.The viburnum is a perennial plant. - False
3.The guelder-rose has large, red flowers that bloom in the fall. - False
4.The viburnum is associated with love and protection in Ukrainian culture. -True
5.The guelder-rose is used in traditional medicine to treat only headaches. - False
6.The viburnum has been used in Ukrainian folklore and literature. - True
7.The guelder-rose is not an important symbol of Ukraine. - False
8.The viburnum represents only the country;s beauty. - False
9.The guelder-rose is resistant to pests and diseases. - True
10.The viburnum is native to Asia. - False