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The Origins of Crystal Gems

by Zidan Batool


The Origins Of the Crystal Gems
By: Batool Zidan
The Start of it all...
In a world where a hero is needed most, He got corrupted, plenged Into the darkness. Now there are 3 brave siblings left to save the world, Connie, Carrie and Jhonas. They were only High Schoolers, Until they got bestowed with their powers, And here is their story: They Were in the middle of a test, when they went to go to the bathroom, They all fell into a deep, Luminous pit, There were 3 glowing gems with handprints on them, A glowing pearl, A luminous Lapis chunk and a dazzling Rose quartz, They all touched them, Soon they started floating,
Carrie:”Why are we flying?” Jhonas:”Cool! Now we have superpowers, Just Like in the movies!”Carrie:” That is fun and all but we have to get back to class, Otherwise we would get an F-!”
So they continued their test and after school they started training,

Connie(Pearl): Telekinesis, Blinding Light blast, flight

Jhonas(Lapis Chunk): Flight, Water powers, Camouflage

Carrie(Rose quartz):Flight, Super strength, Rose shield

 After a month of training, they were finally ready to save the world. Soon the corrupted hero noticed their powers, and soon he planned something… He kidnapped them in their sleep, and put them in a room. When they were trapped in that room, they tried all their powers, But it didn't work. Soon They found a tile that looked a bit different so they clicked it, Jhonas: “Hey! Look, I found a keypad with a passcode!”

Connie:” How are we gonna find the code?” Carrie:”Hmmmm? Maybe 3v11? Jhonas:”Well that does make sense since it does spell Evil.” So they tried it, and it worked.Carrie: “Woah, That actually worked!” They were ready to save the world. But they were too late, He already destroyed the city,  They were the final hope of this world, They Found him, terrorizing the world, Corrupted Hero:”So you managed to escape?”
Carrie:”It's pretty obvious.” So they started to fight, Jhonas:”The odds are in our favor, You have nothing on…THE CRYSTAL GEMS!”Carrie:”That's actually a good name.”Jhonas:”I know, I'm awesome.” Connie:”no you're not.” Corrupted hero:”Ok, Enough chit-chat, Now let me destroy you.”
After a few hours of the fight,Connie:”Ha! We didn't break a sweat!”
Corrupted hero:” Oh...But Now you will.”He used his full power on them, But thankfully, Carrie Planned to use her rose shield and then connie would use her pearl to reflect the blast, and then Jhonas would use his camouflage to distract the corrupted hero, then once connie made her pearl they reflected the blast and the day was won, 
Civilians:”OUR HEROES! OUR HEROES! OUR HEROES! OUR HEROES!” and the city was safe, The corrupted hero got purified, the crystal gems got famous around the world, And life was normal again, They were awarded with trophies of honor, And then went back to their own highschool lives, They went to stopping robberies, Hyjacks, and other small crimes
Yet they still have more battles awaiting them soon…, There he was, The creator of the Gems, Awaiting to see if they are worthy To hold the gems…