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how to make a pb&j


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how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich
Step one: plant the wheat
Step two: grow the wheat
Step three: harvest the wheat
Step four: take the wheat to the bread making facility
Step five: turn the wheat into bread
Step six: take the bread to your house
Step seven: go to the store
Step eight: get peanut butter
Step nine: get jelly
Step ten: buy the items
Step eleven: take the items home
Step twelve: take the items and put them on your workspace
Step thirteen: get a plate for the items
Step fourteen: open the bread
Step fifteen: open the peanut butter
Step sixteen: open the jelly
Step seventeen: get 2 knives
Step eighteen: grab two slices of bread
Step nineteen: place the two slices of bread on your workspace spaced about 1 inch apart
Step twenty: pick up one of the knives
Step twenty-one: put the knife in the jelly and pick up some jelly with the knife
Step twenty-two: take the knife out of the jelly
Step twenty-three: smear the jelly on one of the pieces of bread
Step twenty-four: take the other knife
Step twenty-five: put the knife in the peanut butter and pick up some peanut butter with the knife
Step twenty-six: take the knife out of the peanut butter
Step twenty-seven: smear the peanut butter on the piece of bread that does not have the jelly on it
Step twenty-eight: take one piece of the bread and pick it up
Step twenty-nine: set the piece of bread you picked up on the other piece of bread
Step thirty: enjoy the pb&j you just made.

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