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An ABC for Travellers

by Maxine Lambert


An ABC for Travellers
Introduction and notes.

Please enjoy this virtual book, made in Covid times.

Please note, that the word Traveller is capitalised as it is a proper noun. Please feel free to make suggestions and edits (to

Thank you!
Maxine Lambert
Traveller Education Support Unit
Brighton and Hove
A - a is for Appleby Horse fair
At Appleby travelling people meet their families. We can buy and sell horses, or watch horses race. We can buy lots of things on sale at the fair.
B - b is for buggies and babies.
What else starts with the sound b?
C - c is for cousins, cooking and cleaning.
We like making everything clean. Do you help at home?
D - d is for dog .... and dancing.
Have you got a dog? What does your dog look like?