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Lizards of the World

by Yuma


Lizards of the World
By Yuma
Table of Contents
1) Japanese Lizards

2) Komodo Dragon

3) Iguanas

4) Horned Lizards

5) Chameleons

6) Jesus Lizard
Japanese Lizards
If a Japanese Grass Lizard loses its tail it can grow a new one. They use this to get away from snakes. The tail distracts the snake giving the lizard time to get away.
Japanese Grass Lizards have long tails.
Lizards are helpful because they eat spiders and other pests like mosquitoes.
Komodo Dragon
Komodo Dragons are the only lizards with the name "Dragon". The Komodo Dragon is the largest lizard in the world. They can weigh up to 91 kilograms. They are not venomous but the bacteria in their mouth can cause sickness.
Komodo dragons eat pigs, deer, and goats.
The Jesus Lizard
The Jesus Lizard can run on top of the water. They have to run very fast and they have air pockets under their feet. They are one of the most interesting lizards.
Its diet consists of insects, for example, beetles or dragon flies; flowers, and small vertebrates such as snakesbirdseggs, and fish.
Iguanas can bite off the tip of your finger. Their teeth are designed to eat hard plant skins, so they can easily bite people.
Iguanas eat plants mostly, but they also eat things like bugs and worms. Iguanas need heat from the sun to eat food. Without heat they cannot move or eat.