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Module Three Diversity

by Camille Parker [Hoggard ES]


Let's Celebrate diversity
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There is a lack of authors and illustrators from minority groups. It takes time and patience to work with a publisher who eventually will make the decision whether or not to publish your work. When I was teaching in a remote village the community was mostly Inupiag Eskimos. The elders were respected because of the stories and customary practices. It was emphasized and instilled that the younger generation learn from their elders. Perhaps these elders in the village would have something to offer and represent their indigenous culture if the opportunity presented itself. When I read Crazy Horse by Joseph Marshall, the entire story was told from an elder who heard the story of Crazy Horse and shared it with his grandson.
Publishers might seemingly go with what is popular or trending. Perhaps a publishing company might have a narrow view on diversity and culture at large. When I look around my classroom, I mostly have students from different Hispanic cultures due to the neighborhood I am teaching in. The dynamics of our communities are changing rapidly.
ARe only Caldecott and Newberry books the only award winning books?
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