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Connections Can Become An Awful Tragedy

by Madison


Connections Can Become an Awful Tragedy
Madison Pramuka
Connections Can Become an Awful Tragedy
1. Laiba

2. Ruby

3. Gardens of Humans

4. Letter to a Lover

5. I'm Sorry

6. Touch of The Frost
Maybe in our next lives we can be butterflies
Who dance in gardens of flowers
Or birds who soar through the sky 
We tell eachother ever since we were kids
that we would be friends forever 
As any other kid 

Overtime we realize that forever doesn’t truly exist
But I will love you forever 
Even if it doesn’t exist 
Because I don’t want this to end 

I will forever fight the fate that drives us apart 
Because even from the start 
I knew you would fill a gap in my heart 

If not soulmates then what are we?
Perhaps platonic soulmates
Bound by the sky in which birds fly 

Either way I’ll stay by your side forever 
Even if it doesn’t exist
I see you at your desk from day to day 
Sometimes your writing 
Sometimes your drawing 
Sometimes your reading 
But most of the time your playing video games 

I don’t like your video games 
But I do like laying on your keyboard 
Or your desk
Especially to distract you
I will even wave my tail in your face 

Minecraft is my favorite, 
You even have a cat named after me 
I like your cat in Minecraft 
But I hope you like me better

I like Valorant too,
I like sitting in front of your screen 
Perhaps your bad aim is because of me 

No I think you’re just bad 
I love you though 
Even if you’re bad at video games