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The Underground Railroad

by Olivia, Hazel, Harper


the underground railroad
where the journey begain to freedom

The underground railroad was not a railroad it was its name for the people who escaped it was actually a safe house where all the slaves hid.It was very dangerous conductors could be left hanging dead. Slavery had bin in north america for over 300 years when the underground railroad was found. In 1650 100 africans were shipped to jamestown but only 20 survived the trip. By the early 1800 there were over 600,000 slaves in the united states.
what the safe house looks like
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slavery were perticuly in the world south so the promest to freedom in the world north were abolish by governments. That's why slaves had to cross the country to the north so they could be free. When crossing the country that is when the underground railroad comes in. Slaves would go to the underground railroad to spend the night or just to take a break so they would have more energy to walk to the north.
Slaves No More!