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Frederick Douglass
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Your shoulders ache from holding up a sign for hours. Your throat is sore from yelling and chanting. Your feet are tired from standing all day. But your heart is full of joy and pride. You are an activist on the front lines of making change for the world - you are Miss Knuttel. Miss Knuttel is one of the most revered activists that the world has ever seen. She has made change for millions of people and animals. Through her actions - leading protests, writing laws, and spreading the news. She was only able to do this because of the people who helped her along the way - her parents, her teachers, and her co-workers. Without her dedication and perseverance, the cats of the world would never know the true equality that they deserve. Miss Knuttel changed the world because of her activist work for the cause of cat justice.
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Miss Knuttel was born in 1994 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Her parents names were Allison and Mark. They also had two other children, who they names Emma and Luke. The Knuttels worked hard to provide for their family and make sure that they had the best childhood possible. They also had many animals growing up, including one dog and many cats. Miss Knuttel's favorite pet cat as a child was named Frisco.

Miss Knuttel attended school in Westfield, Indiana. She loved school and worked hard to learn as much as she could. Her parents taught her to value knowledge, and she was always very curious. She particularly liked to study reading and writing. She loved to read in her free time, and devoured books like they were candies. According to, her favorite books were "anything that had magic, because she loved to imagine worlds different from her own."

Young Adulthood
After graduating from high school, Miss Knuttel attended Indiana University. There, she studied to become a teacher. She knew from when she was little that she wanted to encourage others to love learning as much as she did herself. While she was working to become a teacher, she also spent time volunteering at the local animal shelter. She missed her beloved pets at home, and wanted to help animals who needed her.
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Activist Work
It was a combination of growing up with amazing pets and volunteering at animal shelters that eventually led Miss Knuttel down the path toward activist work.

The Beginning
Miss Knuttel's first activist goal was to sponsor and spread the news about TNR clinics
TNR Clinics: vets that volunteer to fix cats and release them so that they won't have any more babies.
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In conclusion, Miss Knuttel changed the world with her work for cat justice. She started over 500 shelters around the country to save helpless cats. She also worked tirelessly to ensure that people around the country knew about what the cats need. Finally, she will be remembered forever for her work because of the cat justice peace prize. Think about how the cats in your life would be in danger without Miss Knuttel.
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