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Bob Has 40 Watermelons

by PDAlice Keeler


Bob loved watermelons. He loved their juicy sweetness, their vibrant green skin, and how they cooled him down on hot summer days. This summer, he had an extraordinary collection of 40 watermelons, which he wanted to share in a unique way with his friends in town.
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One day, his friend Juanita came to visit and said, "I heard about your impressive collection. Can I have 7 watermelons for my family's picnic tomorrow?"

Bob, being the generous person he was, gave her 7 watermelons without hesitation.

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Soon after, Tim and Tina, the twins from next door, came over. They wanted 8 watermelons for their neighborhood fruit salad party. Bob, again, generously gave them the watermelons.
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But here’s where things got interesting. The next day, Grandpa Joe from the local farm visited Bob with a surprise. "Bob," he said, "I heard about your generosity. As a token of appreciation, I brought you 10 more watermelons!"
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Bob says, "I love watermelons, how many do I have now?"
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