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Happy and the Dragon

by Amelia Enolil


Happy and the dragon
Once upon time there was an Alien called Happy was purple and had green ears. Early one morning her mother asked her to take a basket to her granddads house for work.In her basket there was a potion that smelled like bubblegum.
Then she started walking though the forest. she saw a dragon behind a bush. That looked really red. What is in your basket asked grace the dragon. A potion for my granddad because he needed it for work. Grace ran off and Happy carried on jogging.
Soon she saw her granddads house. Her granddads house was made out of big green bricks.When she got there knocked on the the big pink door.Who is it said a loud voice.Its me Happy the Alien and in she went.
Happy sat down while her granddad was making a potion. What big glasses you said Happy. All the better to see you with said granddad.What big ears you have said Happy. All better to see you with said granddad.What a big cage you have said Happy.All better to trap you with said granddad. Suddenly the dragon reveled herself. she chased Happy around the castle.
Grace the dragon wanted to trap Happy because she needed the potion so it would make her an Alien.Luckily a wizard called Sino heard the fuss and came to the rescue. Sino banged his staff on Grace and she rolled out of the house. Her granddad was in a cage Happy opened the cage. The dragon was gone. Happy and her granddad Lived happily ever after.

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