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Our Food Environment

by D'Yani S. Willis <Student>


Our Food Environment
7th Grade
8th Period Global Scholars
Ms. Brownlee
From Hollywood, Fl
By: D'yani W, Tiana W, D'mari H, Shawn J
Dear Peers,

The area we researched for our community guide is Hollywood, Florida.
We chose this area because it is where we are located meaning it is accessible to us.
Something important that we observed about access to nutritious foods is that we can reach it however, it can be more expensive than unhealthy foods so, the idea we had to improve food security that we think is most important for our community is to lower the prices of nutritious food options.
Examples of food near me is Chipotle, PDQ, Padrino's Cuban, Outback Steakhouse, WingStop etc. This picture above is one of the healthy and nutritious food options that we have access to from Chipotle.
Our food environment map....This map extends out from Attucks Middle School to I-95, Stirling Street, Sheridan Street, and Federal Highway.
Our community guide is about food around us. Our food environment Map has a place to eat called TGI Friday. We also have great food security to where even children has access. I think that every community should have at least 1 food store.
Food Security
Food security is the availability in an area. The food security around our area is good because we have a lot of restaurants in the area which means there is a lot of options which increases the availability. Our food security could also use more healthy options though. There are less healthy options than junk food options and most of the healthy options are expensive and the junk food options are cheap. So, In conclusion, Our food security area is good but it could be better.