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by Zidan


Hello ma'am, my name is fadel rasyad zidan, you can call me zidan, i am 15 years old i was born and raised until now in pamulang.
I was born in Tangerang, May 22, 2006
sorry ma'am, I used a photo when I was little, because I don't have a good photo
I have brothers, I have an older brother and we like to go out together, like going to a coffee shop, or doing sports, or going for a motorbike ride at night, and we also like to talk together.
this is when the two of us with mom and dad go for a walk to the borobudur temple
we enjoy the historical atmosphere and the stories of this borobudur temple
this is when I with my brother, mother and father went to Prambanan temple
After we finished from Borobudur Temple, we went straight to Prambanan Temple, I remember very well the story about Roro Jongrang who was cursed to become a statue.
After from Prambanan, when we go home, we also stop at Lawang Sewu
the place where the Dutch soldiers rested, and under Lawang Sewu was once used as an underground prison, where the place was so narrow and very stuffy.

Next I want to share a story about my hobby
I really like going back to my mother's village, meeting brothers and sisters there, especially during Eid, we go to our relatives' houses one by one and shake hands and tell stories with them, after meeting relatives from morning to evening, at night we rest by going around the village and eating satay, I think when we go home the food that must be eaten is satay
when i go home i have a brother who is the same age, so i am more comfortable and familiar to play, he's name is reno, we are still in the same first grade
oiya btw my village is in pare kediri, i like to walk to the intersection of five, english village, and i've been to the suramadu bridge
and also when I go home, I like to ask for rawon meat to be made, because it's one of the dishes or icons from East Java, and of course the taste is rich in spices.
but because of the corona virus outbreak I can't go back to my village yet
and another one of my hobbies is playing futsal
I play futsal about twice a week, apart from being my hobby, I also want to maintain my immune system, increase my immune system, and I want to train my breathing so I don't get tired easily.
I like to play futsal with my housemates or my school friends, or also with my brother and his friends, I usually play for about two hours
besides that I also like to play badminton, I play with my friends or also with my father, we play on the gorge near the house, it takes about two minutes to get to the gor
I also played for about two hours, playing men's doubles or men's singles up to twenty-one points
yeah maybe that's a little story that I can share
that's all from me, thank you miss
wassalamualaikum wr. wb