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Past simple

by Elisagrimaldi


Il past simple
What the simple past Is?

When do you use the past simple?

The simple past Is a english tense and is used to talk about an action started and finished in the past
Time expression of past simple
A day/week/month/year ago: un giorno/settimana/mese/anno fa
Last day/week/month/year:il giorno/settimana/mese/anno scorso
A long time ago: tanto tempo fa
The time line
Spelling rules
If a verb ends in e,add ed
If a verb ends in consonant with y,change y in i and add ed
If a verb ends in vowel with i,add ed
If a verb ends in consonant/vowel/consonant,doble the final and add ed
Past simple of regular verbs
Verbi che finiscono in consonante+-y
Copy → -y + -ied = copIED
Verbi che finiscono in -e
Hate→ +-d = hateD
Alcuni verbi raddoppiano la consonante finale
Stop → +-ed = stoPPED