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Scary Hurricane

by Jalen Lantigua


Scary Hurricane
by: Jalen Lantigua
Directions to Create Your Book
Situation: Weather is constantly changing and affecting our lives. We must be prepared! Let’s become researchers and reporters to discover more about the weather and share our knowledge with our community. 
Choose a weather focus from the menu options.
Research the weather. Use the 5Ws and 1H to organize your research. Make sure you write in complete sentences. On each page include a heading to show what you researched and be creative. Make sure to also include at least 2 bold words.
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Table Of Contents
What is a hurricane?...4
Where can a hurricane happen?...5
Why? does hurricanes happen in fall and summer...6
How do hurricanes affect people, animals, and environment?...7
make A connection to the weather topic..8
How to survive a hurricane...9
What is a hurricane?
A hurricane is a storm of rain and strong winds. A hurricane is dangerous.
The hurricane is spinning and is heading to shore.
Where can a hurricane happen?
Hurricane happen in South America.
The wind is strong and its raining hard a storm surge is a huge dome of water, fifty to one hundred miles .

fun fact
the ocean water has to be really warm,it is windy out sied
When can a hurricane happen?
Hurricane happen in summer and fall.
Almost hurricanes Forms and August September or. October that the ocean water is. The north half of the world.
does hurricanes happen in fall & summer
in September, 1900, a deadly hurricane swept over the port
Galveston, texas it caused.