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Vocabulary Program EDRL 471

by Philip Dagostino [Kim ES]


Explosive Vocabulary Growth
for English Language Learners

Phil D'Agostino
Nevada State College
EDRL 471
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Target Objective:
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Narrow the vocabulary gaps caused by socioeconomic circumstances and the burden unknown words place on English language learners.
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Key Elements!
Wide range of reading of non-fiction and fiction texts, combined with low stress discussions in groups with various levels of English proficiency.
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On-going and differentiated assessments. Pre-lesson, in-lesson, and post lesson tests to measure and quantify progress. Conversational performance tasks for beginner ELLs and written performance tasks for intermediate ELLs.
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Explicit vocabulary instruction designed to create conditions needed for comprehensible input.
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Strategies for learning the meaning of unknown words. Students are empowered with a variety of strategies and resources to self resolve unknown words.
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Scaffolding, support, and differentiation in all lessons and activities for beginners and intermediate level English proficiency.
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Most Important Strategies
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Beginner English Language Learner Strategies:
1. Total Physical Response (TPR)
2. Web Tools
3. Read-Alouds
4. Word Cards
5. Word Wall
6. Idioms
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Intermediate English Language Learner Strategies:
1. Word Wheels
2. Language Wheels
3. Vocabulary Self Collection Strategy
4. Word Wizard
5. Contextual Redefinition
6. List-Group-Label Map
7. Vocab Journals
8. Dictionary
9. Teach Prefixes and Suffixes
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How much time to learn the first 2000 most frequent words in English?
2000 most common words needed to access 90% of conversational English.

Approximately 1000 are functional words best acquired through live conversational exposure across many different contexts.

So, that leave about 1000 content words to teach explicitly.
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5 words per day during a 60 minute explicit instruction period.

1000 / 5 = 200 days

Approximately 1 hour per day for 1 school year, plus 1 summer.
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90% of words needed for conversational English in 1.5 years of instruction and effort.
5 mins
First 5 words!
Water, Bear, Find, Live, Away
Teacher introduces the 5 content words for the day. Teacher reads them aloud one at a time, and class chorally responds on signal.