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My Beautiful Country Georgia

by Nino Qaraia


My beautiful Country Georgia
Zugdidi Municipality #6 Public School.
Presentation is created by 4th grader Student
Andria Tupuria
English Leading Teacher: Salome Berulava
We have a small Georgia, but a centuries-old history. Our history is bitter, painful, but proud and great, because we had the greatest kings. Georgia has always been a very beautiful country.
Georgia is distinguished by a variety of architectural buildings, which have become a treasure of the country. Large and small towns and villages abound with temples of unique architectural styles, with intricate details and amazing frescoes. Churches-monasteries built in the first millennium have survived to this day, which is an indication that construction technology was highly developed in Georgia.
Imereti is one of the historical and geographical areas of Western Georgia, it is rich in important historical monuments: Kutaisi Castle-City, Bagrat Cathedral, Gelati Monastery Ensemble, Geguti Castle-Hall, Martyr's Antiquities. Imereti is famous for its delicious khachapur which is famous throughout Georgia.
Kakheti is a historical region in eastern Georgia. Kakheti is one of the oldest centers of viticulture and winemaking. About 80 varieties of vines are spread here. Kakheti is one of the big regions within Georgia. It administratively includes both Kakheti and the historical corner - Tusheti. Kakheti is famous for its wine.
Svaneti is the highest mountainous historical-geographic region of Georgia and it is located in the northern part of Western Georgia. Peaks, carafes, castle towers, which are symbols of freedom and strong spirit. This area with an ancient culture is very interesting with numerous cultural monuments, characteristic fresco patterns, customs and diverse, impressive nature.
Racha — historical-geographic region of Georgia. It is located in the northeastern part of Western Georgia, in the valley of Rion River and its tributaries. Racha is bordered by Oseti to the north, Kvemo Svaneti to the northwest, Imereti to the south, Shida Kartli to the east, and Lechkhumi to the west. Historically and geographically, Racha was divided into three corners: Mtis Racha, Zemo Racha and Kvemo Racha.