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Class 106 Newsletter

by Olivia K


Class Weekly
Monday Jan 23 - Friday Jan 27
This is the weekly class newspaper that explains what all we are working on in class. The subjects that will be written about are math, reading, writing, science, and social studies. I hope you enjoy reading class weekly!!
By Olivia Koziatek
Welcome to Class Weekly!!!
Class Kindness
Honesty works on her morning work
Angel works on getting her 25 minutes of independent reading
Morning Routine
For our morning routine we, do a program called Xtramath. After we finish our Xtramath, if we have time, we will start to work on a program called Blue Robot. Blue Robot is a reading and speech program that helps you do those things.
In class, we have been working on really being kind. How? Well, we watch a video called the empathy song. We also have a poster in the room that has these four questions: What is his point of view? How does she feel? How can I help? What is a kind thing to say? And Mrs.Christophel really tries to encourage us to follow those class rules. Another poster we have in the classroom is the think poster and it has these 5 questions on it: T- Is it true? H- Is it helpful? I- Is it inspiring? N- Is it needed? and K- Is it kind? These are questions that you need to think about when you speak. Because, if it's not true, helpful, inspiring, needed, or kind, you don't need to say it. Not only students, but people in general. So, next time you think to say something that does not meet the expectations, don't say it.
Words by Olivia C. Koziatek
During math we....
We work on telling the difference between area and perimeter and our trick, perimeter you are measuring the rim of the object. Also, we are working on fractions. The part of fractions we are working on, is partitioning a whole into equal parts, and, representing & identifying fractional parts of different wholes.
Area= Length X Width
7 X 4=28 Sq. m
Also, on Thursday, we had some visitors in our class! All the third grade teachers came. Mrs.Reis, Mrs.Barringhaus, Mrs.Sharpe, Mrs.McLeod, and Mrs.Vancil. The other visitors we had, were all from the company Eureka! They wanted to see Mrs. Christophel teach math and watch how great we are doing on area.
In reading, we have been working on Point of View. In third grade we should know when a text is in 1st person or 3rd person Point of View. Coming up in reading we will be working on Main Idea and Details. Don't forget, students should be reading 1 hour every day. Mrs. Christophel gives us time in class to read everyday.
News from Christophel's Room
In writing, we are making informational books on our animals that we got to pick. Mrs. Christophel found an app that lets us make our very own books with pictures and text. Everyone can even see each others books!
Comic Panel 1
A map we made in class that shows the Louisiana Purchase and the trail Lewis and Clark took.
Social Studies
Trenton's book about Axolotls.
At malesuada nisl felis sit amet dolor
In Social Studies we learned that the Louisiana Purchase cost the United States 15 millions dollars! After Thomas Jefferson bought it he sent Lewis and Clark to meet Native Americans, to see if there was a passageway from the northwest, make maps of the new land and draw pictures of new plants and animals.

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