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The Soccer Dream



The Soccer Dream
By: Enzo Bulgarelli Gaiofato
When Alex was a kid, he played soccer for the soccer Bulls in England, he said.
 “When I grow up, I want to play soccer for Manchester United because it is a good team to play soccer and the salary is very good to help my mom.
Alex Hunter was a boy that had the dream to play soccer like his grandpa.
When the test was over, the coach, Butler, said that they had passed the test. 
Now they play for Manchester and Alex won the player of the year of 2017.
On 30/12/18 Manchester United posted on instagram that on monday there would be tryouts and whoever passed would play for Manchester United. Alex was so excited that he  and his best friend, Danny Williams  decided to go to the test.
He played for 1 year 7 months on PSG until the team Real Madrid made an offer to Alex for €300.000.000, Alex was nervous because of the offer, so Alex didn't accept the offer because he said,
“ It is a very good opportunity for me, but I want to try to win the first Champions League for PSG, thank you.”
3 months later Alex received an offer from Paris Saint Germain for €150.000.000 and Alex accepted the offer and now he plays for PSG.
3 months passed and the day of the Champions League Final arrived. Paris Saint Germain against Bayern de Munich. In the first period PSG was winning by 2 to 1.
On the second period PSG was tied to FCB and the game went to the penalties. 
The penalties were 4 to 4 and if Alex did the goal PSG was the new Champion, and Alex did the goal for the victory of PSG. The team was very happy.
Author: My name is Enzo. I am 10 year old, I like to play soccer, I play video games, and I have 2 dogs, Maui and Boris. My father's name is Andre, and my mom's name is Paula.