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by Emmett Berry

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Finn and Zato
a telling of CIDERELLA
Writing by Emmett Berry.
*Team 6 2021-2022*
How We Express Ourselves
Second Grade
Birney Elementary
I dedicate this book to my great
friends and
family and to
Max and Malcolm

Thank you for carrying me
through it and
believing in me.
love E.B.
Once in a city with a dark side there was a boy named Finn who was always working up a fire with his powers You see his family was mind-controlled by his brother Zato.
They moved to Dublin city. Finn was caring but Zato was cruel. Zato smelled like cookies and Finn smelled like trash. YUCK!
As he wakes up he hears Zato say that he needs him! Finn thinks about not doing it!
Zato also whispered something about a ball and a girl. Finn helped Zato.
He walks out of the room and cooks. He's as busy as a bee. "Bye!"Finn says then he thinks suddenly. Zap! his powers make him an orange super suit! and a car! Later.... Finn gets there and Zato gasps......... and the girl beamed in......... astonished, "Do you want to dance?" "Sure." He answered and they danced but soon Finn got nervous and left.
When he got home he said, "Yeah I'm glad that's over aaaaaahhhhh!" He realized he had a torn spot on his clothing!!!!!!