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by Alyssa NGAI [4C]

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By:Alyssa Ngai
In England 1985, a child went back home.
After that she found a wardrobe and she went in.
Maureen ended up in a green forest.
The child's name is Maureen.
 Then Maureen said “Where am I”?
After that she started to explore the forest and ended up in a maze.
Maureen found an elf and it said “In the middle of the maze there is a black and dark portal to Oceana and a good witch will make a portal for you to get home”.Then she started to find the middle.
Maureen found a dead end, then went somewhere else. After a long period of time she found the dark and black portal and went in and followed a path and got lost.
Then a dragon came out of nowhere and attacked Maureen so she fought the dragon and made it go away with a plant sharp pot she found next to her. Then she followed a narrow path and the path lead her to the good witch's house.