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The impact of Global Warming on Sea Turtles

by Eimear Nolan


The impact of global warming on Sea Turtles
By Eimear Nolan
What is Global Warming?

Global warming happens as a result of the Earth heating up because of people's actions.
Tony the Green Sea Turtle is going to tell us how Global Warming is affecting him and his family.
Climate Change and Global Warming are changing the ocean's currents.

Why is this bad?

Sea turtles travel from one place to another using the ocean currents to bring them to their nesting places. Global warming and climate change will mean that the sea turtles may have to change their nesting places and the time that they do that.

For Tony the Turtle, this would mean that he may no longer be able to find his resting place that he has been going to each year and would have to find somewhere else. He may get lost or he might not be able to find his way home.
The rise of sea levels is a big effect of Climate Change and Global Warming.

Since 1880, average sea levels have risen about 23 cm. Each year, it is thought that the sea rises about 3.2mm more. By 2050, the sea level is expected to have risen by a foot (Nunez, 2023)
With rising sea levels, the sea turtles beach habitats will get destroyed. Tony the Turtle will have no home.