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climate change

by 贡宇飞


what is climate change?
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Climate change refers to the change of climate average state over time, where one or two of the climate mean state and deviation show statistically significant changes together.The larger the deviation value, the greater the magnitude of climate change, the more unstable the climate state.
what social actions should children do to prevent climate change?
Let the children develop their own environmental protection plan,because it can enhance the children's sense of resonsibility, strengthen the awareness of energy saving.
Have children participate the socail action- Earth went dark for one hour. For one hour, turn off all entertainment devices that use electricity.Because it can teach kids that running out of energy as a result of climate change is a very scary thing.
Afforestation,children's parens usually plants some flowers and plants, but few of them plant trees, so children can be called on to go the mountains to plant trees with their parents. Because planting trees can lower the temperature of the earth and release more fresh air.
What environmental actions should children do to prevent climate change?
1. Low-carbon travel, including driving less car at home, if you go to a closer place, you can walk or ride a bike, far places can take a bus or subway.Because it can reduce car exhaust emissions, which are one of main causes of rising temperatures.
2,turn off the tap immediately. Because it can save water and enhance people's ability to prevent drought, short-term water-saving measure can bring immediate results, while long-term water saving greatly reduces the consumption of water resources, thus improving the ability of drought prevention in normal periods.
What environmental actions should children do to prevent climate change?
3.Save paper to protect trees from being cut down and massive deforestation will lead to environmental desertification, thus increasing sandstorms and the temperature of the earth.
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Climate change