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YR Starters 23-24

by Aspire / St Breock


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Welcome to St Breock Primary School
Welcome to the Aspire Academy Trust.
Aspire is a vibrant, highly successful and widely recognised Trust determined to raise standards of educational achievement to the very highest levels. We don’t just aim for our children to achieve what is average or expected, but for them to excel both academically and in character.
We live in a global economy that requires our children to be prepared to think both critically and creatively, solve complex problems, and to communicate well. Mastery of the basics: reading, writing, maths and technology is our core purpose, and this sits firmly alongside ensuring our children have well-developed social and emotional skills. Aspire academies have a strong emphasis on the sport, arts and social, moral spiritual and cultural education.
All our 36 schools and academies are an integral part of their local communities and have a real sense of identity. We value the contribution each of our communities makes and the distinctive opportunities and diversity it offers to the Trust. By working in true partnership, we offer exceptional learning experiences to all our children, so they benefit from the strength that being part of the extended Aspire family brings. If you want to learn more about us, then please visit our website at

I look forward to hopefully welcoming you to the Aspire family!
Vanessa Bragg
Aspire CEO
Vision and Values
Learning, Love and Laughter is our school motto and is at the core of everything we do. We have developed a Toolkit for Learning, Love and Laughter, which uses the Olympic Values of; determination, respect, inspiration, courage, excellence, friendship and equality as characteristics of a good learner and to frame their personal development. We ensure the children are able to use this as a language for learning, which builds resilience and independence. 
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Head of School Welcome
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Welcome to St Breock School! I am the Head of School, please press play to hear my introduction......
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Teacher Welcome
Hello, my name is Miss Barker and I cannot wait to be your new teacher in FS2. I am really looking forward to meeting you all very soon. We are going to have so much fun learning through love and laughter.

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Our Reception Staff
Miss Barker - FS2 Teacher Monday Tuesday and Wednesday.
Mrs Keightley - FS2 Teacher Thursday and Friday.
Mrs Simmonds - FS2 Teaching Assistant