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by Joey Masterson


Easter Bunny Sticker
Bill woke up one day and found out that he turned into a bunny rabbit.He hopped down to breakfast,His mom asked why in the world are you a rabbit with a scared expression on her face in her works blue dress. My dad looked very worried and said "maybe we should take you to the doctor ." Mom said " alright then ill take off work '' I sighed then said " But what will they do? " Dad says "they'll give you some medicine or something" "Then lets go to the doctors and when we are done we might have time to do the International Easter egg hunt!" ------We get in the car and drive to the doctor, we park and I hopped out. And we walked inside the door and we went into the doctor's room, he said what's the problem? mom said my son turned into a bunny rabbit!!! Oh my gosh he has RabbinTitus unfortunately we have a CURE!! But hell have to stay overnight Mom said "OK anything!" I said 'wait what do you mean i thought we were going to the international Easter egg hunt! " 'we will go when you get better' said mom.