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by Gavy Sidhu


about a author
by Gavy
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why are authors important
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Jeff Kenny
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What is a author
An author is a book creator. If you don’t believe me pick up a book and look at the AUTHORS name. See you got the answer I was right now pay attention to me because I don’t want to make this long. Anyways you got the answer that an author makes books. An author is a book maker there is over 1billion of them in the world because there are 1 billion books in the world. by the way we do not count the ones who died.
why are authors important
Authors are important because... without authors we cant be entertained with something else besides games( not the outside games btw). Also all of our favorite books wont exist so then when you are is a car you cant read your book for entertainment so you will suffer with no entertainment.
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Authors payment
an authors payment is 41260$ a year. But not going to lie I thought as many books you sell you get money but I was wrong. I hope I don't get a test on this if I do emerging here I come. Anyways lets move on from this page.
The most famous author (dead right now)
Jeff Kinney
Jeff Kinney is a author who is almost the best author. But he is not the best author yet. When I first sawed Jeff Kenny’s book I was addicted to those books for a LONG time. But then he declared that he will make a different book sires so when he posted the last book… it was sad seeing my favourite author quitting and starting over again. So when the latest book came out it was good but not the same book. As last time so when I got used to it the books never came out again so now I read random books until a new book comes out.
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