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Solar System daytime and night time Activities

by Yasmina Saf

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The Solar System 
Your Day and Night Activities
Created by:
Yasmina Saf
The Theme is : Solar System 
Preschool Activity
4-6 years old
About this Activity

 We have completed :

An outdoor activity ( Circle time in the Garden)
We talked about the Sun ( Daytime) and the Moon ( Night-time)

An indoor activity about the planets, and we learned some of planets names, the most important planets: Sun, Moon and Earth, we have made a craft together about the planets in the room.

We have completed reading the fabulous book about the Universe.

Today we are going to continue to practice the new words about the universe that we have learned, this time in a different way. We are going to enjoy playing Games. Have fun, and be happy.
The Outdoor and Indoor Activity Link
Aspects from Siolta
Siolta means Fundamental Principles of Preschool Education in Ireland.
The activity must reflect Siolta and Aichear principles:

Children’s interest

Individual children’s needs

Provide choices-options
Aspects from Aichear
Aichear is the Curriculum Framework for Children from birth to six years promote:
Well- being

Identity and belonging


Exploring and thinking
Aim of the Activity:
1.I want you to talk to discuss the events (day, night)

2.I want you to be motivated, think about the importance of the sun (warm, light), and the importance of the moon (light, and it is sleep time)

3.I want you to answer my questions using new words: the universe, solar system, space, planets… (language development)

I want the children to be able to sit in a quiet place, listening to my instructions, focus while I demonstrate the game. I want you to stay still remember what we usually do in a day and light time.
5. I want you to try new games, learning in distance.(social development)

6. Have fun, learn about the universe, especially the earth, the sun, the moon, the daytime, and the nighttime.

7. Discuss the things we usually do in the day- time, at night-time (sleep time), and things we should do before going to bed, in a different way this time: by using educational games.
I want you to
Ask question
Be involved
Be creative