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Intro to the discussion board

by Rachel Harding


Rachel Harding
Who I am as an educator?
This is my first year as an educator. I am currently a general education, 2nd grade teacher.

I love seeing students engaged in their learning; as well as taking what they have learned and applying it to real world context. It is awesome to see a student realize for the first time what they are learning can be applied to many aspects in life.
I love giving students an opportunity to incorporate their interest into their school work. For example, if we are learning about time management and telling time, I would rather my students create a schedule for their sports rather than create a fake schedule that they will never be able to use.
It is important to me that my students are having fun while they are learning. In an elementary aspect "fun learning" usually includes games, group work, and hands on activities. All of the following, I love facilitating and seeing my students engage with their work.
What are my career aspirations?
I would love to explore many grade levels throughout my time in education. Although I am loving 2nd grade, I am always up for the challenge of trying new things.
As a new educator, I am always looking for new ideas and opportunities to implement into the classroom.
One of my main goals is to enhance as many students lives as I can. Whether it is helping a student strengthen their educational skills, interpersonal skills, intrapersonal skills, or just life skills in general, I am here to support their life in any way possible.
SLO #1 Identify strategies for enhancing effective teaching.
Goal: To provide my students with new opportunities to explore and present content.

Strategy: "Both students and teachers can also customize the ways through which information can be presented in class using electronic gadgets. These ways usually improve participation inside the classroom.

Example: Students will be able to use platforms such as Padlet, Kahoot, and Seesaw to present or interact with content.
SLO # 6 Describe the role of the teacher as a behavior specialist and how school leaders assist teachers in the school to maintain an effective learning climate.
Goal: My goal this year is to help students regulate their emotions when they are feeling overwhelmed or frustrated.

Strategy: "Social and emotional learning programs are critical for addressing these emotional and mental challenges, but we must also rethink our discipline procedures and policies."
Example: Implementing a "calm corner" in my classroom to allow students to have a designated area where they can take a minute for themselves.
SLO #12 Describe the learning theories and strategies that accommodate student variability
Goal: My goal this year is to discover new ways to implement strategies that support student variability.

Strategy: "Differentiated instruction is the process of tailoring lessons to meet each student’s individual interests, needs, and strengths."

Example: Allow students to express what they have learned in a variety of ways. For example, my kinesthetic learners may want to give a demonstration rather than a writing assignment.