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Battle of Princeton

by Naya Fanous


The Battle
By: Naya Fanous
By:Naya Fanous
Princeton, New Jersey 1777
In any battle or war, there is always a general. So like any other war, there were major generals for both sides of this battle. The major generals of both sides were, George Washington and Charles Cornwallis.
Charles Cornwallis
George Washington
Charles Cornwallis was a British army officer. Corwallis served as a general during the American Revolution. Corwallis led the British forces to victory in New York and Philadelphia. Then, they moved to the war’s southern theater in 1780.
George Washington was commander in chief of the Continental army. He was the commander in chief during the American Revolution. He served as the first president of the U.S for two terms(eight years). During the Revolution, Washington led the colonial forces to victory. He became a national hero.
The Americans and British would not have been able to win any battles without tactics. Tactics help them to win the battle against each other.
* The Americans used a tactic called the guerilla tactics. The guerilla tactics were when people would hide around the area and wait for the other forces to come and attack. A common form of guerilla tactics was the hit-and-run.
On Christmas day, Washington decided to attack the British in Trenton, New Jersey. He thought that it wouldn't be expected by them. So, they crossed the icy Delaware river and marched ten miles into Trenton, New Jersey. Washington's army won the battle.
Who won the battle?
Who won the battle? Well, George Washington and his army won! The battle lasted nine days and Washington won!
The Horrible Conditions
The soldiers faced many hash conditions. For example, they had a bad diet. That can cause health issues. Also, their clothes were worn out, they had damp shelters,  and lived in unsanitary places. This is very bad because they can get sick from the germs in the shelters and your dirty clothes..
Africans in the War
In the American Revolution, Africans indeed fought in the war. Historians estimate that around 5,000 and 8,000 slaves fought in the Revolution. They fought on the patriots side.