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Life of Pi - LIRB #1

by Srinikesh Kanneluru


In the colorful place of Pondicherry, India, there lived a special boy, Pi. Pi grew up at the zoo, so he became friends with the animals, and loved them more than anything. While his school didn’t like him soo much, he always had the animals, making him a very happy boy.
Pi and his brother, Ravi, loved being with their dad, and learning about the animals in the zoo. His dad always said that the most scary animal was actually not in the zoo, but it was humans. As Pi got older, he met many amazing people, like a Christian priest and a Muslim baker, who helped Pi love everyone in his special way.
While Pi’s parents first didn’t like Pi being with the baker and the priest, later they became happy for Pi. However, Pi’s home was dangerous, and Pi, his family, and a little bit of the zoo had to move to Canada in a big ship. Pi was excited and happy for this journey!
During the night, Pi heard a loud sound. BOOM! Pi’s ship was sinking! Luckily, Pi jumped out of the ship and landed in a boat. Pi soon found out some animals were on the boat too. Pi was with a zebra, tiger, hyena, and an orangutan named Orange Juice.
Even though Pi had his animal friends, he was sad. He missed his family, just like Orange Juice missed her kids. However, the hyena wasn’t a nice friend, and started fighting with the zebra! Orange Juice helped the zebra, but the hyena hurt Orange Juice and the zebra so badly, they left the boat. Now Pi was alone and scared.