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OLQA 2023-2024

by Olivia Mape


my open house profolio
by- liv mape
In religion class, we do many things to help build up your faith and be faith-filled students. Every morning we do a journal and after that we do different things every day. We read the book, take notes, and every once in a while we ddo a big project. Religion is a great way to start of the day.
This year for math I am in algebra 1. So far this year it has been fairly challenging, but math is my best subject so I have been able to keep up. We have learned many things and math this year, for example, systems of equations. My favorite part of math is doing station work and of course Mrs. Mang.
social studies
ElA is thee hardest subject for me but I still enjoy it. There are many things that we have done in ElA this year, like an Edgar Allen Poe unit and a personal narritive. My favorite part of our brain breaks is doing our just dances. During ELA we work very hard, but we also have fun.
social studies
During social studies we learn lot of things and do lots of memorizing. I social studies we do many sqp4r's and edpuzzles. Recently we watched a movie about the creating of the constitution that was very informational. I like having social studies to end the day with.
I love science because even though it is a very challenging subject, Mrs. Westheart is such a great teacher. My favorite part of science is the labs that we do, where we are able to learn about the lesson through fun experiments. Overall, I learn a lot from science class.