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8th "D"

Anabel Defas
The Great Culture Of Quito.
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- Information of three cultures of Ecuador
- Popular food
- Popular holidays
- Popular art
- The religion
- One myth
Information of three cultures of Ecuador
Cuenca: The persistent cultural activity in its millenary soil that has artisanal activities such as tinsmithing, saddlery, basketry, blacksmithing, ceramics, textiles, bakery, etc.
Quito: in 90, hip hop, rap and pop became popular. In the 21st century different styles of music developed such as rock, metal, reggae, fusion, jazz, As well as some important festivals such as Quitofest, Quituraymi, Quito jazz festival, sacred music, etc.
Guayaquil: music, theater, cinema, dance and visual art are some of the things in this culture. it has a considerable variety of museums and libraries, although there are almost a few art galleries in the marginal sectors.
Popular food:
In Quito, has recipes to make numerous soups, all tasty and some spectacular, such as the broth de pata de res “chamuscada”, mote and ground toasted peanuts; or the locro de chiteno cheese, which has endless recipes and variations. the secret of the flavor is the chola potato.
Popular holidays:
November 28 Election of Queen of Quito 2019. On November 29 the Feast of Fire. The 29 NOVEMBER People's Committee Concert and The 30 NOVEMBER Fellowship Parade Note. November 30 Festival Bomba Carapungo. 30 NOVEMBER Concert Caupico Stadium. 1 DECEMBER Southern Fellowship Parade.
Popular art:
It has a contemporary art with a neighborhood characterized by its community articulation, neighborhood leadership and particular geographical aspects that made it what we know today.