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Dimensions 2021-22

by Michael Bittlingmaier


The Digital Edition
Matt Hogan

Who's that on the vintage bike, breezing up the hill by Clawson's as if it were a salt flat? Matt Hogan. Who's that offering passersby a blast of classic soul-music serenade at the end of each day? Matt Hogan. Who's that spreading enthusiasm so loudly that the front of the building booms with his voice? Whose ancient flip phone is stowed elsewhere so he can give you his full attention?

Matt Hogan is the most veteran English teacher in the building, yet his unassuming (we can't say quiet) approach keeps him always under the radar. But his students know who he is. And he knows who they are. No student slips past him in that hall without his notice and a quick check-in. They know he cares about not only them but also the world they inhabit. “Yeah! That’s what I’m talkin’ about!”

They see his deliberate and careful attitude everywhere around him, from his ∞ m.p.g. bike poster to the four-pronged system of textual analysis he invented. It emphasizes empathy and agency in the world. They answer “yes” to his question, “Are you pickin’ up what I'm puttin’ down?” He’s puttin’ down values. He’s broadcasting love.

For the positive energy he brings to the school, for the inspiration he is to his students and his colleagues, and this year, for all the great creative writing his students sent our way, we dedicate this edition of Dimensions magazine to Matt Hogan.
Michael Bittlingmaier
Charles Vandenberg

Chief Editor
Ella Costanza

Junior Editors and Art Directors
Alayna Stong
Ana Dunn

Toby Edwards
Marisol Minnick
Micah McEathron
Emma Shannon
Claire Savary

Invaluable Resource
The Art Department
Art and Photography

Cover Art - Ava Stiffler
6 - Xindha Yaeger
7 - Maren Lawrence
11 - Maya Biedenbach
12 - Steeve Mboko
14 - Joanna Gullo
15 - Madison Hennessey
17 - Lucia Cardona
19 - Maya Biedenbach
20 - Isabella Fitzsimmons
22 - Luke Grieshaber
23 - Ella Costanza
24 - Paige McRae
26 - Ani Sherman
27 - Annie Panzer
28 - Isabelle Watson
29 - Xindha Yaeger
30 - Michelina Williams
30 - Hailey Hynes
31 - Henry Weidrich
32 - Paige McRae
36 - Amelia Gibbons
37 - Selena Sanchez
38 - Alayna Stong
38 - Hailey Hynes
39 - Amelia Gibbons
40 - Andrew Hoffman
40 - Marina DeChick
41 - Lucia Cardona
42 - Nicole Champlin
43 - Toby Edwards
44 - Marina DeChick
45 - Tori Tribunella
46 - Kaitlyn Pospiech
47 - Alayna Stong
47 - Dylan Blyth
48 - Abby Gray
49 - Nicole Champlin
50 - Liv Claus

6 - "Lonely Fall Lane" by Dylan Blyth
7 - "Falling Dreams" by Will Predmore
9 - "Untitled" by Jack Cuadrado
9 - "The Three Little Pigs" by Benjamin Rebhahn
10 - "Raspberry Consequentials"
by Renee Eggar
12 - "Old Light" by Jack Cuadrado
13 - "Capitalism's Kiss" by Gianna Bollino
16 - "Lost in Flame, but Not Forgotten"
by Gabielle Olivo
18 - "The Shipwright's Craft"
by Anna Kruppenbacher
21 - "After the Storm" by Emma Blodgett
21 - "Childhood" by Mateo Palleschi
25 - "The Mastermind" by Nathan Panek
27 - "Back Again" by Emma Blodgett


33 - "A Word of Warning" by Norah Ostberg
Lonely Fall Lane by Dylan Blyth

A single yellow flame,
All there is to light this lonely line.
Around it, a sphere of orange does sit,
Its face forever staying still.
Carved long ago, still lying by the great mill.

The road's dirt is dry, beaten by travelers many,
It's dust and leaves broken into parts so lonely.
The Moon now hangs low, washing the treetops in buttermilk,
And the leaves rustle in the breeze.
This place lies forever by humans unseized.
Art by Maren Lawrence
Art by Xindha Yaeger