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My sponge project

by Luciano Martini

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All about Sponge Diving
By: Luciano Martini
What do they look like?
Every sponge is different. For example a barrel sponge is shaped like a barrel. And a loggerhead sponge is big like a loggerhead.
This is we’re sponges live.
Where do they live?
Sponges are mostly live on the east west and southern part of Florida. They like warm climate’s like the Florida costs.
How do they breathe?
Sponges breathe by pulling in water by something called pours. The Pours suck the water in and take out the water through The strainer and it will not come back in through the osculum.
How do they feed?
sponges breathe by when they suck in water. Tiny microscopic shrimp come to them and they eat it. that’s how they get food
What are they used for?
Sponges are mostly used for cleaning supplies and padding for your helmets. Mostly not used anymore because of factory’s making processed sponges real sponges are not used that much anymore. I can still find them in stores and other places
I learned so much about sponges I learned that sponges can breathe and eat by pulling the water from the ocean. I also learned that sponges are used for cleaning supplies and helmet padding. I like sponges they’re super cool