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Christmas Word problems

by Caoimhe o'hora


Math's Problems
(Christmas edition)
What ye have to do:
1. There are 8 word problems. 2 based on addition, 2 on subtraction, 2 on multiplication and 2 on division.
2. Complete these problems in your copy books using a ruler pencil and a red pen for the date. Do not forget to tiltle your page!
Do not forget!
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Addition questions:
Question 1:
Jamie is christmas shopping for his family. He is buying a new scarf for his sister for €5.00, a pair of slippers for his dad for €6.50 and he is buying a candle for his mom for €5.75.
How much money is Jamie going to spend all together?
Question 2:
Séan is at the Christmas markets. He wants a to buy a cup of hot-chocolate. one cup costs €2.85. He would also like a Nutella crepe with strawberries. a regular Nutella crépe costs €4.00. A portion of strawberries costs €0.75. How much will the hot-chocolate and crépe cost Séan?
Substraction questions:
Question 1:
Sam had 225 celebration sweets. He ate 47 sweets on Monday. He at 69 sweets on Wednesday. On Thursday how many celebration sweets did he have left?
Question 2:
Sarah had 500 Christmas decorations to hang on her Christmas tree. she used 1/5 her decorations on the tree. How many decorations had she left?
Multiplication Questions:
Question 1:
A bakery sells 1350 gingerbread men every week. how many would they sell in 4 weeks?
Question 2:
Santa's sleigh weighs 779.6 kg Once the reindeer are attached on the sleigh weighs 12 times this amount.
How much does the sleigh weigh when the reindeer are attached?
Division Questions
Question 1:
Sadhbh won €450 in the Christmas lotto. She decided to share this evenly between her 9 friends. How much money did each person get?
Question 2:
There are 56 Christmas lights in a packet. How many packets of lights can be made from a box of 336