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Amazing Animal Teams

by Jen Kimbrell


Amazing Animal Teams by Jen Kimbrell
Animals Live in Groups
Have you ever wondered why some animals like to live and work together?
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Lions in a Pride
On the African Savanna, lions live in a pride. There are strong male lions, called kings, and caring lionesses who work together to raise their cubs.
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In a lion pride, lionesses are often the primary hunters. They work together as a team to stalk and capture prey for the entire pride, while the male lions usually protect the territory and the pride members.
Dolphins in a Pod
Dolphins are known for their intelligence and social skills. They live in pods, which are like big dolphin families. They work together to hunt for fish, play, and communicate with one another using clicks and whistles.
Birds in a Flock
Birds often fly together in large groups called flocks. They use teamwork to find food, stay safe, and travel long distances. Geese, for example, form V-shaped flocks in the sky, taking turns leading the way.
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Birds fly in a V-shape because it helps them save energy. The leader bird at the front breaks the wind, making it easier for the others to fly, and they can follow the leader to stay on the right path.
Ants in a Colony
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Ants are tiny insects but incredibly strong when they work together. They live in colonies and are busy all day long. Some ants gather food, while others take care of the baby ants. Teamwork is their secret!
Ants are excellent cleaners! They love to keep their homes, or nests, super clean. They even have special 'cleaner ants' that help tidy up by removing dirt and waste from the nest.