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Denis diary

by denis/oddie man


Denis diary
Today I banged my knee on boxes. Everything else at school was good.
When I got home, My knee healed up easily. Then after that, I made some scratch projects. After that, I made this book, I hope you enjoy it. The whole entire book! Also l made this book right now, so yeah,
And, I know im a bad drawer, But please, enjoy this pic!
Its me, crossing my legs, and folding my arms!
Then after that, i got off the computer!
,Then, I petted rocho! [kind of]
,Then, I petted rocho! [again]
,And i watched tv!
Then, It was tea time!
After tea time, I watched some youtube/mobile tube, I watched SMG4!
Then, I went in the pool!
I kind of had a good time, kind of had a bad time, But, i got a duck dressing gown! [they might be seagulls]
I showed mummy and daddy and anna, Anna thought it was a pigeon or a seagul.
Then mummy auto-corrected me,
After that, I had no idea of what to do,
I got a idea of playing wobbledogs, I hoped i wasnt too late, Then, I diddnt feel like it, So, i went on my ipad and played roblox, JK [just kidding] I diddnt feel like it,
So, I decided to ask mummy for hugs,
Then, I looked at the parent PIN, And i used it to buy google [witch is free] It worked! Go see it in my stuff thinge,
Anyway, Mummy called me and she said i 'reset the PIN' But, she let me go back after, Then it was supper time! See you tomorrow!
Today i wont go to school [i think] Because i think someone [in annas class] has COVID-19
So, I opened up book creator [witch you are in right now] and made a comic! Go see it if you want to,
I also made a word book! [go check that out if you want] I forgot to tell you that before getting on book creator, I diddnt get my ipad! I went to go see if ewan was awake, If he was, Then i would tell him about the holiday day, But he wasnt, So i went off book creator and played roblox, I wanted to see how i would go, Before that, I turned into duck man! I played Zombie attack! It was kind of good, Because, The shooting is good, But when you have to run away, not so good, After that, I went on my ipad and played it, Before that, My tummy diddnt feel so good! I checked if ewan was awake, He was not, So i annoyed anna by opening the door and running away,
And then, EWAN WAS UP! And of course, I told ewan about the holiday day, He was happy! Heres my pic of a sofa
I had a big chat with ewan, Then i played prestein, Then i watched youtube/mobile tube, Then i played zombie attack on computer, Then i played zombie attack on moblie, Then, I made scratch project, You can play it if you want, [names scratch project 21
.sb3] Anna and mummy went out, After that, I watched text to speech read my diary, Then, daddy readed my book, Then, I looked at some google easter eggs, Then, It was lunch time, Then, i watched moblie tube, Then, i made a quiz, Then, i became duck man, Then, I watched Text to speech, Then I made some scratch projects, And then it was supper time!