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by Kaana.Semwal


fiction novel by Kaana Semwal
book of time travel
Chapter 1- intro

Did you ever wished to time travel, if yes this just might be the best story you ever heard because this story is based on a boy named Louis who will time travel and learn about history all around the world.
Chapter 2 -Say hello to Louis

This guy named louis is a special dude, why? Because he can time travel, how, he bought a tv remote which actually was a time remote.
Now I Louis is in my school and I was talking to his friend Ryan that I got a time remote and then I told him “meet you at my home”

3 hours later

I offered Ryan some organic orange juice but he declined so I drank it anyway then I took out the remote then pressed a button then 3,2,1 zooooom.
chapter 3 Radiant Rome?

I said “here we are” Ancient Rome then Ryan said it’s when we are, then I said stop with those awful time jokes already meanwhile a Romanian warrior said something in a language which I could not understand then oof.
I was in a colosseum with my friend Ryan, this was the worst situation I’ve got in since the lamma situation, all of a sudden a lion came out of the rooms and he sure did look hungry then I tried to fight by taking a stick but the lion broke the stick to sharp bit to the air
but then I needed to do nothing then
The sharp bits of the sticks came raining back down thus killing the lion and then soon as we can we used the remote in 3,2,1 zoom
chapter 4-wacky wars

uhh, where am I Ryan said then I said “we’re probably in a north drop p-61 black widow plane” then Ryan said how did you know that much than I said “bruh, ms.Anderson said it yesterday “ then Ryan said you mean in the future, then I said you get my point then the pilot put a gun out and when he asked us where did we come from we said from Lincoln middle school then he calmed down gave me some