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Technology Mission Statement

by Ryan Mosscrop

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Ryan Mosscrop
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Teaching Technology
Teaching all about relationships, with your students, fellow teachers, your classroom and with technology. Given how big a part of our daily lives technology is, should we not be teaching our students how to use it in a safe and effective way. Technology will always be advancing and it's importnat that our students know how to use it to their greatest benefit, and it's a teachers job to pass this information to their students.
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Of Technology
-Green is the percentage of Teachers using Tech 2-3 times a month
-Blue is the percentage that rates the tools moderately to extremely effective

-They may not be using tools often enough for them to be the most effective
The effectivness of technology in a classroom all depends on the teacher and their ability to introduce, teach and utilize the technology. There are a lot of great tools that can help engage your students and help differentiate instruction between students. Technology also rests on your students access to it. The technical divide just keeps expanding across states, countries and the world. By getting all students access to this technology it immediately becomes more effective and useful. There are many ways to use technology in a classroom and it's up to the teacher to use it effectively.
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How should 21st Century Classrooms Look? Using Technology for Assessment
Technology is such an important part of 21st century life and it's a large part of every asspect except education. This is one of the places it should be more prevelant, given that every child is required to go to school. By giving students the access and exposure to technology we can better prepare them for their futures. Assessment is one of the most influential aspects of the education system and therefore technology should ahve a part in it as well. By using different forms of assessment we can try and ease some of the stress of a standard testing environment by having them do projects, presentations or some kind of game that tests their knowlegde. Technology can make a place where many kids don't want to be more enjoyable and engaging.
Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology on Learning Styles
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-Repetition of the same tools can exclude students who don't learn as well in the style that that tool suits. It can also get really boring repeating the use of the same tool over and over again
-Potentially difficult to find specific tools for different learning styles
-Ability to differentiate lessons based to student skill level
-Adaptable tools to suit different learning styles
-Many tools to use to best suit students
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