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japanese food

by Saulė Žemaitaitytė


Japanese food
First of all sushi, we've all heard of it. It's a combination of rice, seaweed and fish mostly salmon, people also add avocado's, cucumbers, tofu in it, to make it taste better.
yakisoba noodles
Yakisoba is a delicious Japanese inspired dish made with noodles, vegetables, and meat. This recipe uses healthy lean chicken, cabbage and shiitake mushrooms. Finally, an amazing sweet and savoury sauce finishes off this noodle dish.
Dango is a traditional Japanese dumplings made of glutinous rice, sugar and water. The peculiarity of this dessert is its shape, as it is kneaded into small balls that are cooked . They are then cooled in water and stuck on a wooden skewer, like a kebab. Some of the varieties can also be served with a sauce.
Japanese Sukiyaki has several key ingredients. Enoki mushrooms, napa cabbage, fatty beef, noodles, and tong ho, a leafy green from the chrysanthemum family with a very particular, slightly medicinal flavor that actually goes great with the sweetness of the Sukiyaki sauce/broth.
There are many other Japanese cuisine's but i couldn't fit them all in so here is an image portraying other japanese dishes. Thank you for reading my book!