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Speaking up

by Diana Ruballos


Speaking Up
By: Diana Ruballos
In class today Alex and Vanessa were talking about the moon. They were so interested that they began to imagine themselves on the moon by closing their eyes. While other children in their class talk about it which shows the teacher how they have different ways of learning.
After that, they went to science class, and they were taught on the whiteboard what they needed to have and do for their experiment. Alex was confused about what to do so he let the teacher know while Vanessa understood it without further explanation.
 Alex asks Ms. Gracia if she can explain by showing him how to do it because the instructions were confusing to him.  Ms. Gracia showed him and then he understood what to do. This showed her that everyone learns differently and needs to find new ways to teach.
The next day they learned about speaking up when they felt misunderstood so Ms. Gracia could find ways to make sure that everyone learns and not just certain kids. Ms. Gracia was saying how there is diversity in learning so children must communicate their thoughts which helps a lot, so children don’t stay behind. Now everyone is learning because Ms. Gracia found ways to teach everyone and that happened because Alex spoke up.
The End