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Coral reefs

by Daniel


Facts about
Coral reefs.
Picture page.
A coral reef is an underwater ecosystem.
It has big Colonies of fish.
The coral protects the fish.
What is coral.
Most corals are made up of hundreds to hundreds of thousands of individual coral polyps like this one.

The tentacles surround the mouth. The tentacles grab little food for the coral to eat. The coral has tentacles around the mouth to protect the coral from different animals. Corals are warm and colorful species.

Well actually some live at the bottom of a dark ocean.
They use nematocyst, which is a cell used for stinging.
These are located in the tentacles. Nematocyst
are also located in a jellyfish .Did you know Coral has lived thousands of years.

Lots of animals live in coral reefs. Here are some examples. ,Lobster ,clam ,seahorses, Sea turtles which I love, and sponges.
But coral reefs are endangered due to overfishing and pollution.
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