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English Culminating Assignment

by Bethany Denn


Culminating Activity #1
As my first culminating activity, I made a movie poster based on The Great Gatsby. This movie poster is in the style of a stereotypical romantic comedy. I did this because I wanted to dramatize the ongoing themes of love and marriage(although love and marriage are not the main themes in this book, it is dramatized in the poster). The Great Gastby is based around the main character, James Gatsby, and his relentless pursuit of being with his “true love” Daisy. Gatsby and Daisy seem to be constantly separated by their separate social classes, and in an effort to create a long lost past, Gastby begins a life of crime to gain enough money in order to impress Daisy. This movie poster points out some of the crucial events that occur in Great Gatsby. The road going down the middle of the poster is a representation of the separation of the West and East Eggs, as well as a representation of the separation of Daisy and Gatsby. The other characters placed in the movie poster include Nick, Gatsby’s best friend and narrator of the book, Jordan, who is both Daisy’s best friend and the love interest of Nick, and Tom and Pammy, Daisy’s husband and daughter. Another addition to this poster is Gatsby’s car, the item that ended up eventually killing Tom’s mistress, Myrtle. Gatsby’s car also represents his over dramatic gestures, his love for his possessions, and his huge ability to have an unrealistic dream for himself and those around him. I chose this option because I wanted to do something more creative, and when I saw the movie poster option I had this idea for the romcom style and was very excited to see what I could do with it. Through this genre, I wanted to present my perspective and understanding of one of the themes in Great Gatsby. This option is able to show how I understand the significance of Gatsby’s love for Daisy.

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