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Zack the paper clip

by Brooklynn Bennett


Zack The Paper
My name is zack. I live in Miss Kate's classroom. I have a lot of friends in the classroom. Or at least I like to say. My favorite color is yellow. It's just such a happy and fun color I love it so much. My best friend is Sally. She's super cool. She always cheers me up when I'm down. And helps me with my school work and stuff. She does everything with me. Like I do everything with her. She really is an amazing friend. I don't have a last name. Sally made up my name. I like it. Sally is an eraser. So we don’t sit by each other during class. I sit by the other paper clips. They seem nice. But I wouldn’t know they don't really talk to me. Miss Kate is the best. She’s so kind and sweet to me.
Lately I've been getting bored of the classroom. Something I’ve never thought I'd say. “Sally I want to leave”. “Huh? What do you mean?” “I want to leave. I don't want to be in this classroom anymore, I want to explore and go places”. “ But we can’t leave, we have to stay here.” “Why would you want to leave anyway? Everything is here, all of are friends, miss Kate, the kids, everyone. Everything”. “ Its just getting boring. I've been in this class room my whole life. I just need to leave. I'll be back but I just really want to explore the world”. “ If that's what you want to do, Just know I can't leave. I won't”.” I thought you would say that”. “ I’ll be okay alone”. I lied. I don't think I’ll be okay alone. I’ll get eaten up alive out there by myself. I have to go though. I'm determined to. 
This is harder than I thought. I haven't even left the classroom yet. I’ve tried it's just harder than I thought. I cant let people see me so now I can't leave when they leave. Just in case they don't see me. I decided to go through the vents. A very smart idea I know. “Hurry up don't let miss kate see you”. “ I'm good now, you can close it bye”. Dang it's dusty in here. I'm so excited to see what it is like. I bet it is beautiful. With pretty blue skies and clouds. Super tall trees. Oh Golly, I'm so excited.