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Fake News

by Jillian's students


Allschool Post: Fake News
About this publication
December 2022
This publication was written by the students of Allschool. Nothing in this is true, these are all fake stories.
The Christmas toys come to life
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By Denica

There have been reports of toys coming to life in people's houses. A toy reindeer messed up things in my bedroom. A toy rabbit pooped everywhere in the house. Hello Kitty is sleeping on my bed.

All the toys are being naughty. Please help! Please help catch the toys and throw them out of the house!
News & Current Affairs
A giant Christmas cake
Santa arrested!
Santa is cold
By Abbie

The store downtown has a new Christmas cake. It is the biggest cake ever. This cake has 5 layers. It is as big as a dinosaur.

Someone wants to buy it. It costs one million dollars.
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By Simon

There was a Christmas event. We should give a diaper. Santa went to jail because he has a super diaper, but reindeer need to wear 100,000 diapers in one day.

So reindeer texted to Santa. Santa said go to jail and get his golden card, and they brought 100 million diapers. Santa is in jail, and the reindeer went to jail because they stole the golden diaper.
By William

Santa got cold and asked for hot chocolate. I made him hot chocolate. It had marshmallows and a candy cane. He said, "Thank you," but he was still cold.

He asked if he could stay at my house. I said no because he was too big. Santa went back to his sleigh. The reindeer said "I want to go to bed." Then the reindeer went to bed.

Then I said he could stay at my house, but only in the chimney. The next day, Santa realized he forgot to deliver the presents. He said, "You didn't let me sleep on your bed, so no presents for you."

Then I said, "You can take my bed."
Santa said, "That bed is way too small for me." Then he ran away.
Here's your local weather report!
No snow for Christmas
Comic Panel 1
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Comic Panel 1
Texas gets snow
Comic Panel 1
By Dylan

This Christmas has no snow. When there is no snow in Christmas, the clouds will be white and the snow will be in the clouds. When there's no snow, it will always be summertime for Santa, and there will always be no gifts. Everyone hopes that it will snow so that they can get gifts.
By Emilia

On May 21, 2019, it started snowing in Texas. It was very surprising because it's still very hot in the winter in Texas, and it was summertime. It all started when it started to hail and it was still too hot.

The next day, there was a snowstorm. There were snowstorms everyday until someone got buried. People rescued him.

Now, in Texas, it doesn't snow in the winter, but it still snows every summer.
By Grace

This Christmas season is strange. It's not raining normal snow, and not raining heavy gifts. It is raining candy. Chocolate candy, milk candy, candy canes, and Skittles are falling from the sky.

You can get a very big box, and a lot of bags and you can get a lot of candy for Christmas.

One little girl, Shao Yu Han, got a lot of candy. She tasted it. It was very, very, very yummy. You can get as much as you can. She said, "It tastes like a real delicacy! I'm going to eat the candy now!"
Reports about local Christmas animals
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Comic Panel 1
Comic Panel 1
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The missing reindeer
Comic Panel 1
By Tyler

There was a comet going to Earth, but Comet was so confused so she jumped on it. Now she is in outer-space.

Santa is a black man with bunnies
Gift goes to dog
Christmas rabbits' gift
By Roy

This Christmas, there were black men with bunnies. People thought the black men were Santa, and they were right. They thought the Santas became black because they used chimneys to give presents to children.

Some of the children said that their present was black. Next, people think there are bunnies instead of reindeer. People think the reindeer are now too old and too weak to ride, so Santa rides young, strong, fast, fast bunnies. Soon the bunnies will be gone.
By Simon

Santa gave a gift of oil and gas mixed to the boy. This gift was supposed to go to 120 Main Street, but he took it to 131 Main Street. The dog opened the gift instead.
By Julian

There are cute rabbits at the zoo. Five rabbits are running away and hopping on the grass. They are happy. They like Christmas because they like presents. They want more rabbits for Christmas. They are excited. They start to look for the presents. They find the presents under a tree. There are 8 presents. They open the presents with their ears and feel great! Inside each gift is a rabbit toy! They feel happy.
There are a lot of interesting gifts this holiday season!
Comic Panel 1
By Simon

People are excited to get gifts. Stacie got an unusual gift. Stacie got a new phone. But that's not all! There was 152 dollars at the bottom of the box! All of the reporters and police officers in Yangsan came to Stacie's house. People in Yangsan all all think that it was Santa's mistake.

A police officer gave Santa all of his money. That mistake will not happen again forever. But do you know? The police officers missed 2 dollars!
Comic Panel 1
Comic Panel 1
Comic Panel 1
Last Christmas gift forever
A lot of money was in a gift
By Simon

Santa gives people elves for gifts by mistake. Some people were surprised by elves and fight with them. On the other hand, some people became friends with the elves.

Some of them brought elves to school and made messes. Like this Santa's mistake made the world messy. Some of the people died because of fighting with elves.

Because of these many reasons, Santa goes to jail and wears diapers everyday. There will be no Christmas gifts because Santa went to jail.
Tricky Elves
Watch out for those tricky elves!
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Comic Panel 1
Comic Panel 1
Comic Panel 1
Comic Panel 1
Dancing elf spotted
By Alina

I saw an elf in my dancing class. It was dancing and doing gymnastics.

There were 100 million elves. They are all different colors and have different names.